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portfolio6Fernando F. Fernandez B. was elected company’s Director in March 2014 considering his many years of experience in structuring, organizing and reorganizing Engineering Procurement and Constructions (EPCs) in the Oil and Gas sector.  Fernando started his involvement with EPCs during early 1990 when Venezuela opened the Oil and Gas sector to foreign oil production and service, and was part of the teams to structure EPCs for the production and upgrade of the extra heavy crude oil which requires mega constructions of four upgraders pipelines and upstream oil production infrastructure and wells.

During the last 20 years he has been directly or indirectly involved and organizing companies structures for the procurement side of businesses and specifically with the metallurgic sector. In this sector he has been working as a consultant for local and public companies in the large construction sector which requires the importation of steel.  Now and once having learned the consulting side for procurement of good and services have decided to start up a company for the procurement of steel.

Fernando is partner of a large International Law Firm where he has been delivering financial, accounting and tax consultations.

He is about to retire within the next 6 to 12 months and now he decide to consolidate them with his expertise promoting and executing procurement activities in the metallurgic sector.